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Pure Sunfarms is strengthening Canada’s recreational cannabis market, thanks to a 50/50 joint venture with Village Farms and Emerald Health Therapeutics – two prominent companies respected as leaders in their industries. Joining forces with a wealth of expertise in the farming and medicinal cannabis sectors has proven to be a great partnership.


Village Farms

Located in Delta BC, Village Farms holds a 30-year track record of operating mega-scale greenhouses, with seven locations in BC, Texas and Mexico. They are well versed in successful hydroponic growing of cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers, selecting plants for taste and quality and never genetically modifying their produce. Village Farms supports the superior growing regions of their greenhouse facilities, and is known for farming practices best suited to these individual climates. Additionally, the company provides logistics services and technical support for over 200 acres of greenhouse production throughout Canada, Mexico and the US.


Emerald Health Therapeutics

Emerald is a licensed producer and seller in the Canadian adult-cannabis market, with a mission to further the development of the cannabis plant for use in enhancing health and well-being. A vertically integrated, seed-to-sale enterprise, Emerald proves to be an invaluable asset to Pure Sunfarms, as it is one of the few global companies dedicated to advancing cannabinoid science.

Emerald’s team holds extensive experience in product development, large-scale agricultural business and marketing. With such substantial knowledge and a passion for the benefits of medicinal and recreational cannabis, Emerald has been instrumental in our growth and success.