We center ourselves around great people who are committed to building something bigger than themselves.

In a rapidly evolving industry, we keep each other grounded in our values and leverage the teams expertise as we learn together.

We love jamming with like minded individuals and if you don’t see a career here that fits you now, leave your mark with us so we can discover opportunities together.





Supply Chain Manager

Strategic about lining things up, back-ups plan always matter, negotiations don’t scare you and creative sourcing; Just a few traits that you have been known for.

Production Group Lead

The fundamentals of how we grow and harvest has been the foundational bedrock. This is the next step in gearing up for training and managing a group to execute with that knowledge.

Production Team Lead

Learning how we grow and harvest starts here.

Desktop Support Specialist

Much more than reminding someone if they have tried rebooting their computer.


Health & Safety Specialist

Proactive when ensuring your team and the site are adhering to the best practices for someone’s well-being. We care about our people and the environment which we function in everyday.



FP&A Manager

Building business models with experienced financial savvy and knowledge.


Quality Assurance Leader

Quality is at the core of what believe in for our product. Table stakes. From our product to processes, there’s a world of discovery and implementation in this path.