Pure Sunfarms provides BC cannabis to Canada, with a mission to offer consistent, quality product created with care and integrity.

Greenhouse-raised by expert growers using the highest standards, we are unapologetically pure.

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Pure Sunfarms is a vertically integrated, large-scale, low-cost supplier of high-grade cannabis.

We are headquartered in Delta, BC – the heart of the province’s flourishing farmlands. With an impressive combined history in agriculture and greenhouse farming, our team consists of a carefully selected group of passionate growers with an extensive knowledge of the farming industry. We are on our way to becoming one of the country’s largest cultivators in the adult recreational cannabis market.



Realizing possibility through
our passion for growing.

Established on British Columbia’s respected farmlands, Pure Sunfarms’ cannabis is grown in a hybrid greenhouse, surrounded by natural wildlife habitats and thriving crops. Located at one of BC’s most reputable growing facilities, the 1.1 million-square-foot greenhouse uses advance agricultural technology adapted to suit the best possible outcome for our plants. We respect and value our deep relationships with our suppliers and local trades, and are proud to carry over three decades of experience as premium greenhouse growers. Our possibilities are limitless not just in how we grow cannabis but how we grow talent, technology and specialized knowledge in this industry.


Putting plants and people first.

It starts with a seed. From germination to harvest, our expert staff tends to each cannabis plant with care and minimal intervention: simply the way nature intended. Utilizing the outdoor elements while simultaneously maintaining a controlled environment, our hybrid greenhouse facility allows the plant to thrive in the best possible way. The result is a clean, refined and superior product – unmatched by anything else. Caring for our plants is a priority closely followed by advancing our people in their professional development to create a culture and space we are all proud of.


The H.E.A.R.T of what we do.

Pure Sunfarms is passionate about creating a work culture of like minded individuals who believe in creating something bigger than themselves and in order to do this, we place great value on our core beliefs. We take pride in knowing what sets us apart, while striving to become one of the best companies to work for. Our values remain at the heart of what Pure Sunfarms is:

Humility: we act with kindness and respect.
Empathy: we seek to understand and gain perspective.
Accelerate: we move quickly with intention.
Reliability: we deliver on our promises.
Team: we support each other and achieve together.